Wednesday 22 July 2015

Coiney Finch Insults Muslims

Coin collector Duncan Finch has a poor opinion of fundamentalist Moslems it seems. He says: 
Maybe I'm maligning them but I think that these ISIS guys wouldn't know a rare Islamic gold coin from a pork chop [sic], and that the whole lot was there solely as a pile of gold.
Yes, the fired clay and stone artefacts too.  Like Mr Tompa, Mr Finch denies the possibility that anyone but he can recognize what is floggable to foreign collectors. I suppose then he has an explanation why certain objects with figurative decoration were extracted from Mosul Museum before the iconoclastic smashing. Perhaps he'd like to share his "reasoning" with us?


Brian Curtiss said...

Paul I very much enjoy your blog and respect the work you do here but this seems a kind of pointless posting. just attacking someone's dumb opinion does a disservice to the grat work you do and makes you come off as insulting a troll as the coineys. No disrespect intended but you can do better than this.

Brian Curtiss, USA

Paul Barford said...

In relation to what this blog is about, it certainly is not "pointless" to use real cases to demonstrate the methods used by dealers and collectors to dismiss the concerns of others. If you find me an opinion published by another collector or dealer which says that ISIL know exactly what they are doing and supplying the international market with what they know full well will sell no questions asked, I'll publish that too. Mr Finch wants us to believe the problem is "not important" because those involved are allegedly all ignorant. I think that is (a) an unwarranted assumption (how many of the thousands of ISIL fighters has Mr Finch met personally?) and (b) irrelevant.

Brian Curtiss said...

Paul I went and read through the whole thread on the other blog and that exchange puts things in better context. Thank you.

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