Saturday 18 July 2015

"Wot Makes Tekkis Larf, ROTFLMAO"

There are some metal detectorists who are good "ambassadors for the hobby" but many who most definitely are not. Such is the vacant tekkie from Texas who provided a link to the following as "hot weather humor" and the guy who wrote the article to which he links called "Chicago Ron organizes metal detecting rally in ancient Syrian city of Palmyra" and published it on 15th July 2015. These sick, sick people really let the side down, especially when it is picked up and reposted as an example of British "concerns" by the Medmak Syrian Archaeologist Studies Center. There is a war going on there and British detectorists cannot take a step back from their own petty infights to see that joking about it on the Wordwide web is the last thing that will enhance their image. But seeing their activities in a context wider than the tips of their own noses is something that few metal detectorists can demonstrate an ability to do. Many of them come over as self-centred, infantile yobbos. 

UPDATE ( two hours later)
Oh look, Dick Stout has been prompted to think again and has removed the link to the bad-taste "joke" about Palmyra metal detecting from his weak-headed apology for a blog. 

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