Saturday 25 July 2015

ADCAEA Hypocrisy Exposed

Showroom of ADCAEA member dealer "Sands of Time" - due diligence  "impossible"

"This law will effect [sic] everybody specializing in traditional collecting fields such as books, stamps, furniture, ceramics, coins, classic cars and paintings. Retroactively, this new law will impose due diligence guidelines that are impossible to follow even for the most meticulous collector".
Say the Association of Dealers and Collectors of Ancient and Ethnographic Art. Whoah. Is this the same ADCAEA which lists as one of the characteristics of its own dealer members that they allegedly do proper due diligence on their purchases? The same ADCAEA which produced the pseudo-guidelines for pseudo-due-diligence?

Note the disingenuous "this will affect you" suggestion. It will not if you are a stamp collector in  Port Stanley or a paintings collector in Peterborough. Those who have long thought that Susan McGovern-Huffman's ADCAEA was nothing but a hypocritical smokescreen organization seem to have the proof to back up that suggestion.

Can we have an official ADCAEA statement (in Ms McGovern-Huffman's own words, not cut-and-pasted Ursula Kampmann's) just what the organization considers due diligence to be, what constitutes an illicit artefact in the view of ADCAEA and its members and how its members propose carrying out trade avoiding them if they are not going to support the conducting of a proper due diligence procedure? The credibility of the ADCAEA is in question here. Just what kind of an organization is being supported by all those member-dealers subscriptions? 

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