Tuesday 14 July 2015

Texans Protest WHL Listing

Uh-oh [source, 'Texans monitor Jade Helm military training amid fears of government plot', the Guardian Monday 13 July 2015]
On Saturday in San Antonio, protesters gathered outside the Alamo to decry its new designation as a Unesco World Heritage site, on the less-than-rational basis that this honour could be the prelude to a United Nations takeover of Texas’ most sacred landmark.
I think this sort of thing ("most of us are legal concealed-carry folks”) puts the US coiney conspiracy theorists in their proper context.

Now what do all these folk protesting "the UN telling the US what to do"  think of US dealers and collectors telling the State Department to tell other countries "how to look after their heritage"? See any lack of logic (or empathy) there?

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