Friday 24 July 2015

Collectors Sign up in Droves with the Lowest of the Low

It seems coin dealers are more effective in getting US collectors to protest proposed  regulations to clean up the dugup antiquity market in Germany (pop 80.6 mln) than getting them to comment to the CPAC about proposed regulations in their own (USA pop. 318.9 mln).  With 38 days remaining to reach the target of 120 000, there are 2486 supporters in Deutschland, 2115 sheep from outside. (2% erreicht von 120.000  für Quorum [?]). 

Meanwhile while PACHI has raised some pertinent questions about this petition and the motives of those urging its signing, the reader will note that Ms Kampmann has so far been unwilling to address the substantive issues raised by her campaigning, and will note the usual personal tone of the "debate" elsewhere in the lowbrow coiney blogosphere (here for example). Pathetic. 

Just what do these people represent if not the lowest of the low when it comes to intellectual endeavour? Will reasoned, reasoning and reasonable debate ever replace cynically-manipulated kneejerk in coiney circles? On past showing, I think we may sincerely doubt that will ever happen. By these tactics, the no-questions-asked coin dealers are alienating the whole milieu from the public debate on the heritage. This petition is nothing like a contribution to that debate it is meant as a stumbling-block and nothing else. Ms Kampmann is welcome to comment on that statement too. 

UPDATE Saturday afternoon
It seems the foreign supporters will soon be more frequent now than those that will be benefiting from better due diligence in Germany itself. Of the 5106 supporters, only 2763 are from Germany. 

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