Friday 31 July 2015

How Many are Friends, How Many Foes?

At least three recent articles ask the same question:
Jef van der Schriek and Max van der Schriek 2014, 'Metal Detecting: Friend or Foe of Conflict Archaeology?', Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage, vol. 1 No. 3, 228-244.

Henriksen, M.B. 2006, 'The Metal Detector – Friend or Foe for the archaeologist? - aspects of Metal Detector Archaeology in Denmark', pp. 217-226 [in:] I: K.M. Hansen and K. B. Pedersen (eds) Across the Western Baltic, Vordingborg.

Wilson, P. 2015 'Metal detectors: friends or foes' in P. Everill and P. Irving (eds) Rescue Archaeology 40 Years On.

To what extent do the benefits outweigh the problems, how many can be counted friends of the archaeological record, how many foes and in what ways? The latter article cites both me and Nigel Swift, though I've not read it yet. Given who the author is, I suspect I'll find it gets bogged down on the nighthawking issue.  



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