Friday 24 July 2015

Counting the Sheep in the German Dugup Antiquites Market

Commenting on my account of a petition against the proposed laws enforcing real, not pretend due diligence on the German dugup antiquities market, London collector Kyri reports (23 July 2015 at 13:27) "I have even been emailed by some major German auction houses and urged to sign the petition; they must be very worried. they are probably emailing all their clients". Collectors instead of looking with a new eye at what they've bought from those people and wondering just what kind of due diligence supports the glib claim that their items are verified kosher, are signing. Yesterday the petition had 1,006 supporters in Deutschland, 172 sheep from outside, today the 'sheep from outside' total has made leaps and bounds, it's 1009 people in the international community against antiquities passing through German hands having proper due diligence done on them by law. There are today 1655 opponents of ascertaining legal origins of antiquities in Germany. That means if you buy an antiquity from Germany today there is a fair chance it has come from a collection like that of those signing this petition, with objects whose origins have in no way been verified. This suggests the German market should be avoided until this situation is regulated. Caveat emptor.

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