Friday 17 July 2015

FLO Daubney and the Dogtag

A metal detectorist brought in for recording a dog tag from Skegness beach to FLO Adam Daubney, who actually recorded it, even though he decided it was 1960s vintage or later (the PAS was supposed to be for non-Treasure finds 300 years old or older) . He says it is "cast" without citing any evidence, I sincerely doubt that, more likely stamped. Now the PAS will not give the finder's name, it is "personal data" they say, yet the PAS record quite freely gives the disc's owner's name and address on a public record. Some personal data were it seems more equal that others in that partnership. "Subsequent action after recording: Returned to finder" it says, but as lost property (as many beach metal detecting finds are), it should go back to the person who lost it and whose address is actually inscribed on it. No mention is made of the attempts made to find the owner.

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Anonymous said...

"as lost property ..... it should go back to the person who lost it". Indeed, but "found property" should go back to the owner - the landowner - unless the finder can offer documentation authorising him to take charge of it. But PAS seems to ignore that fundamental bit of the British legal system for the convenience of Bazza.

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