Tuesday 21 July 2015

Comment to CPO

Factual comment re CPO's unobservant and speculative "Iconoclasm Reflected in ISIS Coin Stash?":
In the stash it is explicitly noted that there are bronze Roman provincial coins likely minted in Antioch-on-the-Orontes and Byzantine folloi. Several of the other items also clearly have figurative representations on them, like the ivory furniture plaque. 
The PACHI blog prefers facts to loose speculations.


Cultural Property Observer said...

But of course, I based my "speculation" on this point on the observations of your friend Sam Hardy, who did what appeared to be a very thorough analysis of the group. I was not aware of this State Department analysis at the time, and certainly he did not mention it in his own blog. I've now rectified that and made an exception to allow your comment, which I published. But of course, this is all a side show. The real issue is whether one can really suggest that antiquities trading is a major funding source for ISIS when what they appear to be trading in is low value antiquities and coins. A comment on my blog suggests the whole lot might not even buy them a proper rocket launcher. Do you agree?

Paul Barford said...

Well, if you'd stop "making exceptions" to you ban and just join in with the wider discussion, I am sure somebody would have drawn "Observer's" attention to the webpage.

Why base your snipey-snidey speculation on somebody else's "observations" instead of doing some footwork looking at the basic evidence yourself like we are doing?

I think you need bullets as much as rocket launchers. And ammonium nitrate does the job just as well as semtex.

The crucible is unused.

I do not think this is a shipment on its way to be sold, I think this is part of someone's private stash set aside in case of future need.

What makes you think the squaddies in a hurry to get out seized all the antiquities hidden around the guy's home?

Cultural Property Observer said...

Interesting you say you know the crucible is unused. Is that public information or did you receive it from contact?

Paul Barford said...

Mr Tompa (who is not "banned" on my blog), your Department of State has published on their website that the vessel is made of "concrete" which shows the value of your US "no kid left behind" educational system. They have no idea what it is, so 'contact' with them would not at this stage be very enlightening. The crucible is unused because a used crucible looks different, as anyone who's seen them in use will know. Got any metal foundries in Washington? Go and "observe" what happens there.

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