Monday 27 July 2015

Antiquities Smuggling is ....

Coin dealer Scott Semans makes a rather amazing announcement on a forum connected with fake ancient coins (Re: Petition vs new German legislation restricting collecting of cultural artefacts incl coins Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:30 am PDT) .
I signed the petition, citing the numerous core principles of western law which this would violate. As a practical matter for someone with customers all over the world, I am concerned about theft by postal, customs, and even private transport employees lately used by European postal systems. I hope that my usual declaration of "metal stampings" will not be too unclear to the dutiful German customs official who may now concerned with some small class of this product. Of course for the Roman Aes and old Chinese, metal castings is correct.
Despite the coiney claptrap, the proposed regulation of the German art market does not in fact violate any "core principles of western law", but I am sure German lawmakers will give due attention to the American's exegesis of what he assumes they do not know. Posting something that to comply with customs regulations requires a declaration (ancient coins)  as "metal stampings" to avoid scrutiny is what the rest of us call "smuggling". It's like marking ancient statues as "garden furniture" and dismantled Egyptian sarcophagi as "potatoes". Shame on you.

Vignettes: Coin dealers are coin dealers and ever will be thus, other sellers of stamped metal goods value the truth.

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