Saturday, 4 July 2015

Syria: Behind the Times

"Palmyra: Isis pictured launching new assault on artefacts in ancient ruins" alarms the Independent, oblivious to the fact that by the time this was published, it was clear that this is not what happened. But still those same four elements in varied configuration.

Then there is this... "Video: Islamic State conducts mass execution in Palmyra" Reuters 4th July 2015.
Islamic State militants conducted a mass execution in Palmyra's ancient amphitheatre, according to the video uploaded on Saturday (July 4). Video uploaded to social media purports to show Islamic States militants leading a group of what is said to be Assad soldiers. The video shows the militants leaving notorious Palmyra prison, where the soldiers were said to be held before the execution. 
Not a mention here of the fact that this execution took place soon after the fall of Palmyra (before 28th May) and the prison was shortly after blown up. The Mirror and Mail (with that "baying crowd" again) have the same thing. The Telegraph more honestly says it had taken place earlier..

It seems to me that the newspapers are going for anti-ISIL sensationalism, rather than providing any reliable news about what is actually happening. Turning one showcase execution in Roman ruins into two is simple deception. In whose interests is it that we receive  false information about ISIL?

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