Saturday, 17 November 2012

Arthur Houghton by Proxy: "Nurse Jackie" and "Wikiloot" - Mindless, Sex and Publicity

Arthur Houghton is obviously an eager reader of Peter Tompa's blog - within 25 minutes of Tompa posting a few sniping remarks on "Wikiloot", Houghton had sent a lengthy comment - but was unable to work out how to prove he's "not a robot", so Tompa had to post it for him. Anyway he reckons that Wikiloot can be compared to:
inviting a public with little more medical knowledge than that provided by "Nurse Jackie" to roam our hospitals and medical facilities with the intent of finding malpractice. 
Which rather suggests that those of us who have not seen "Nurse Jackie" (whatever that is) will be even more incapable of recognizing medical malpractice even if we or our loved ones are the victim. Eh? Museums are public institutions, and surely are therefore subject to public scrutiny, just as much as any other public institution (which we pay for after all). According to Houghton, asking questions about the collecting histories of objects in public collections is "mindless" and "all about sex and publicity". Hmmm.


I find out "Nurse Jackie" (publicity vignette) was even shown over here two years ago. I tend to avoid American TV serials.

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