Wednesday, 7 November 2012

More "Antiquities" Collectors Buying Human Remains: Mummy of Inca Child returned to Peru

The collectors' market for mummies has aparently increased in recent times. Of course kiddie-mummies are more desirable as "portable antiquities", being that little bit more portable (and they can be fitted into a suitcase, and then are easier to "tastefully" display in the collectors home). Bolivia returned one to Peru this week. The mummified remains of a small child, 700 years old had been plundered from an ancient burial place in Peru and brought to Bolivia for sale to some unscrupulous collector. Police in Bolivia seized the mummy two years ago, when it was in the course of being sent to France. The child was about a metre tall, though its sex is unknown. The mummy was wrapped in linen and had a missing leg replaced by one added from another body to increase its value on the black market. This is only the second to be returned in recent months, earlier this year another mummy was returned to Peru from Germany.

'Bolivien gibt 700 Jahre alte Mumie an Peru zurück', Die Welt 7th Nov 2012.

Vignette: This blog does not support the use of photos of ancient human remains for cheap thrills, we are not "collectors" here (dipity photo). 

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