Friday, 30 November 2012

UK Metal Detecting Under the Microscope: Is the end of “Responsible Artefact Hunting” nigh?

Heritage Action have yet another thought-provoking piece to ponder ("Is the end of “responsible metal detecting” nigh?"). It is about apparent moves to increase the amount of land cultivated by the min-till (minimum tillage) low impact farming system that replaces ploughing and enhances carbon retention in the soil. This removes the prop of "saving objects from plough damage". What will the reaction of artefact hunters be? How will the PAS adapt to these changes? As HA note:
It will put archaeologists in a tricky spot [...] So watch this space, interesting times are coming.
Of course HA is assuming that the archaeologists of Britain
will even notice that they've been put in a tricky spot. They do not seem too inclined to notice their already ambiguous position, why should they wake up only now?

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