Monday, 26 November 2012

Looting and Destruction In Mari, Tell Hariri Syria

A 15 minute video about the looting and destruction of the archaeological site at Mari, in western Syria - made by Abu Kamal Alshararah magazine. Looting and Destruction In Mari, Tell Hariri Creation date: 21/12/2012
This video is a report on the artifacts of Mari (Tell Hariri), 11 km northwest of Abu Kamal which is located on the western bank of the Euphrates 120 km south of Deir ez-Zor. The report shows the looting and excavations by unknown parties and the theft of statues. It was shot on November 25, 2012. Source:
[also available on You Tube]

The film shows mainly the abandoned and now heavily eroded archaeological excavations, the collapse of part of the roof, but also extensive hole digging around which seems not to be the result of systematic archaeological research.

Mari is one of the sites featured on the Department of State's 2014 presentation of the satellite evidence of  looting.

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