Saturday, 24 November 2012

Drug Barons and Roman Hoards

Security forces in Venezuela have found $550,000 buried in six plastic bags full of $100 bills. The deposit had been hidden on the banks of the river Meta in Apure state near the border with Colombia.
 It was hidden along with a rifle and 1kg (2.2lb) of cocaine. Counter-narcotics officers said the money belonged to an international drug trafficking gang which also stored fuel and small aircraft in a camp nearby. They said the camp was used to smuggle drugs from Colombia to Central America. Over the past months, Venezuela has arrested and extradited several high-profile Colombian drug dealers. Colombian guerrilla groups and drug traffickers often bury cash in remote locations. 
It is not of course beyond the bounds of possibility that at least some of the hoards buried in various parts of the Roman Empire and dug up by treasure hunters and sometimes sold off on the black market were similarly hidden proceeds of ancient illicit activity, being utilised in modern criminal activity.

Six bags full of $100 bills were found buried in Apure state
BBC News: 'Venezuela National Guard finds buried stash of cash', 


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