Thursday, 29 November 2012

Difficult (for Some) to Understand....

The recent junk-fluff piece on the Portable Antiquities Scheme from an arts newspaper ( Cristina Ruiz, 'An embarrassment of riches', 29 November 2012) does not stray far from the prepared screed supplied by the British Museum press office.  This prompts a blogger from the Other Side to admit:
its hard to understand the hostility still shown it in parts of the archaeological blogosphere
I guess it is easier to dismissively claim that its the other side that is unreasonably "hard to understand" than actually do some reading to get to grips with the other's point of view. The same blogger  also admits he has difficulty understanding:
the unwillingness to consider whether it can be adapted in some fashion in countries like like Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, and Italy [or France, Mexico, Canada, Pakistan and Iraq]. [...] Perhaps the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and USAID should consider funding a pilot program. 
Yes, why don't they do that? Better still, why don't the ACCG join up with the metal detecting organizations and pot-digging and arrowhead hunting clubs in the US to press to have a Portable Antiquities Scheme in every state in the US? Why NOT? Do it, don't keep whining about it.

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