Monday, 19 November 2012

Roman Research Trust and Roman Society Lecture

Britain, been trying to
prove it was not a
provincial backwater
in the 'Classical world'
since 1586
For all those fans of little round pieces of metal with pictures and writing on them:
The Roman Research Trust and Roman Society present The Joan Pye Lecture, 5.30pm, 29 November 2012 Chancellor's Hall, Senate House
Dr Roger Bland
How coin finds are changing the face of Roman Britain:  the contribution of the Treasure Act, millions of pounds of public money, a few thousand artefact-hunting metal detectorists and their partner the Portable Antiquities Scheme
Followed by a reception
All welcome, no Trolls please.  
And the overall message? "The traditional image of Roman Britain as a provincial backwater seems increasingly hard to sustain". All that metal detecting, giving a real boost to national pride, innit?

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