Sunday, 18 November 2012

Foolish Talk to Fool, or for Fools?

With reference to an article I discussed here yesterday, we find one dealers' paid lackey adding his comments: "U.S News and World Report [...] in the search for free content has uncritically promoted the views of those ideologically opposed to collecting that repatriation has a real value as a “diplomatic tool”", he writes dismissively.

Well, it seems quite obvious that the "repatriation"of stolen items does indeed have value as a diplomatic tool. What is less obvious is why certain people make fools of themselves by continually talking about the trade in illicit antiquities being opposed only by those "ideologically opposed to collecting". I guess they believe that if they keep repeating some unjustified foolish phrase, foolish collectors and slack-jawed hillbillies will believe it is true. The rest of us just see such sleight-of-word for what it is and treat those using such cheap tricks as the fools for which they take the rest of us.

The reader will note that such weasel words never gets recognized and commented on in US dugup coin collecting circles from which this example originates.

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