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Uşak Hippocamp 'Surfaces in Germany'

Uşak [fake] hippocamp (Photo: Cihan)
It has been announced that the Uşak Hippocamp, an item of gold jewellery which had been missing since it was stolen from the Uşak Archaeology Museum in Turkey in 2005, has been found in Germany and will be returned to Turkey soon. The pendant brooch was discovered to have been stolen from the display and switched with a fake some time between March and August 2005. No information has yet been revealed as to how it was found.
 Speaking at the 31st İstanbul International Book Fair on Wednesday [Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul] Günay said [...] “The treasure worth millions of [Turkish] lira, known as the Winged Sea Horse, the most precious piece in the Croesus Treasure, which was stolen from the Uşak Archaeology Museum in 2005, has been found and secured in Germany. An agreement that the artifact belongs to Turkey has been reached between Turkish and German authorities. We are following the legal proceedings. I believe the Winged Sea Horse, which is vitally important to the Croesus Treasure, will be brought back to Turkey by the New Year or in early 2013.” Günay also said that a new museum will be built in Uşak and the Winged Sea Horse Brooch will be on display in that planned museum. However, the brooch will be displayed in an Ankara museum until the museum in Uşak is built. 
 The theft of the hippocamp came as a huge embarrassment to Turkey and anti-illicit-antiquity campaigners. It was one of the star exhibits in the so-called "Croesus Treasure" ("Lydian Hoard"/ "Karun Treasure") , a collection of 363 artefacts from the time of King Croesus' rule of the Lydian Kingdom between 560 and 547 B.C.. The hoard originating from Uşak province in western Turkey was the subject of a legal battle between Turkey and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from 1987-1993. The artefacts were returned to Turkey in 1993 after the museum admitted it had known the objects were stolen when they had purchased them. Twelve years later it was discovered that the hippocamp had been taken. The director of Uşak museum, Kazim Akbiyikoglu, was convicted of theft along with nine accomplices in February 2009.

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UPDATE 6th March 2013
possible information has emerged only that "it was found in German province Hagen, the piece was kept in safe deposit boxes of German Central Bank". Hagen is in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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