Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fincham on the Ruspoli di Poggio Suasa (Sotheby's) Koh Ker Statue Case

Derek Fincham also chimes in on the Decia Ruspoli di Poggio Suasa/Sotheby's Koh Ker statue case. He highlihghts the change of tack away from the application of foreign antiquity laws to alleged irregularities in the import into the US: '' . He points out that:
Lying to [US] customs officials is a violation of the law, with its own forfeiture provision. If the prosecutors can establish this, a successful forfeiture seems very likely
I am having a bit of difficulty following why, given what we know about the history of the acquisition, fellow bloggers seem to think that it can be established that the person filling out the form actually knew - or cared - where the thing came from, as far as they were concerned it came from a "reputable London dealer".

See also David Gill:  Khmer statue developments

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