Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sculpture Alleged Stolen From Christie's Warehouse

Christie's claims on its website "world-class security, management and expertise" but given the sheer volume of works of art that pass through it, there was bound to be some mishap. Reportedly gone missing is a 2007 artwork by Douglas Gordon (called "The Left Hand and the Right Hand Have Abandoned One Another"). It should have been in store at Christie's high security warehouse in King's Road London, it was signed in on 28th October, but a few days later an employee noted that the box which was supposed to contain the solid gold piece - with a scrap value alone of £250,000 - was suspiciously "light". When it was opened, the sculpture was found missing. The artist accuses Christie's of a delay in informing the work's owner and creator of the theft.

Charlotte Higgins, 'Turner prize-winner's work stolen from Christie's', The Guardian, 29 November 2012.

[Update: see also BBC News, 'Douglas Gordon 'outrage' over work stolen from Christie's', BBC News 

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