Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bloomsbury Countdown

PAS now have 630,433 records containing information on 998,189 objects, most of them hoiked out of the ground by metal detectorists for their scattered, ephemeral personal collections, many will end up on eBay or in a skip, but the sites they came from will be impossible to fully understand due to the missing information, barely mitigated by the sketchy and selective record the PAS makes. That's even before the new karaoke recorders of unknown origin start work.


heritageaction said...

It seems to me that based on the above the correct term for their figures would be "the PAS Portion of the Erosion Counter".

It has the twin advantages of brevity and veracity and best of all it illustrates to the public exactly what's happening in a way that no-one can say is untrue.

Paul Barford said...

Except not all those data (a) were actually recorded by PAS and (b) came from artefact hunting and collecting. What we need from the PAS is a PROPER breakdown of their fuzzy statistics. I think they owe no less to the public that pay for their jobs, petrol and pensions.

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