Friday, 12 September 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Misunderstanding the Implications of the Law

Sock puppet Anonymous11 (September 2014 11:07) writes that preservationists: "seem to want all finds and artefacts handed over straight away to landowners". He really seems a bit lost, it really could not be clearer, what is being said (and it follows from what the law says) is that it must be the landowner who makes an informed decision on what the artefact hunter gets to take away of his property and signs them out. But detecting sockpuppets have as much trouble expressing themselves as understanding wt others are telling them:
Would the ownness (sic) be on the landowner if finds are held by them to take time out from their busy days on the farm to contact and report to FLO's (sic) and to keep any finds handed over by detectorists in a safe and secure environment[,] especially any finds that may come under the Treasure Act [?]
Reporting non-Treasure finds to the FLO is voluntary as tekkies keep pointing out, it is the landowner's property and I guess he has the right to ask about the safe and secure storage environment of the finds that he entrusts to the collector.

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