Monday, 1 September 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: I know, Let's...

Author Crisp
In a comment on Dave Crisp's The joy of metal detecting – it’s not just about the treasure (29 August 2014, Guardian Opinion is Free), the editor of Culture Crime News comments:
Thoughts from a metal detectorist in the UK. Worth reading in that it is clear that this person has either not considered or not been given the opportunity to explore his interest in the past via real archaeology. How can we get these people to make a contribution, not just cause destruction?
I know, let us set up a government-funded Scheme to outreach to "these people" (and anyone else)  and give them a chance to explore their interest in the past through real archaeology! I mean, it could do things like, umm, "advance knowledge of the history and archaeology of England and Wales by the systematic recording of archaeological objects found by the public". It could "raise awareness amongst the public of the educational value of archaeological finds and facilitate research in them". Wouldn't it be wonderful if it could actually "increase opportunities for active public engagement in archaeology and strengthen links between metal detector users and archaeologists"? And it should "encourage all those who find archaeological objects to make them available for recording and to promote archaeological best practice by finders".  I mean it could, couldn't it?  It could be called something like the "Moveable Artefacts Project" (MAP). Trouble is, where could we find such a Scheme?

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