Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Forensic Scratchings on the Ka Nefer Nefer mask

The present defaced condition
of the Ka Nefer Nefer mask in
SLAM (Photo K. Johnson, Amduat wiki)
David Gill has come across a photo of the Ka Nefer Nefer mask predating its sale to SLAM which, since nobody has mentioned its existence before,  seems not to be in the SLAM archives.

He discusses today 'The mummy mask and the erased inscription'  and comments "curators at SLAM never seem to have addressed this significant (lost) detail". Indeed, they have not and it's about time they did because determining who scraped off the name and why seems to be a key element of the object's collecting history, permanently changing its artistic expression in a fundamental manner...

While they are at it, they might want to tale a good look at the missing flake of paint on the left side of the erased area. When did it go missing and why? What significance might it have?

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