Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Mougins in the News Again

Christian Levett at his museum
Emmanuel Breton/Musée
d’art classique de Mougins
UPDATE 2nd September 2014
David Gill points out to me (comments link to here) that objects from the Guttmann collection have not all been free from issues. See also Looting Matters: 'On the Trail of a South Italian Cavalryman's armour'. That material in a collection, be it private or public, has been published in some form or another without anyone challenging it is no substitute for due diligence.


David Gill said...

For a challenge over a Guttmann piece see here.

kyri said...

one challenge out of a collection of 3000 pieces is not bad is it.the article says levett was "aware of provenance issues by 2007" this didnt stop him buying lot 23 from the bonhams geddes sale in oct 2006 [gnathian volute krater,published sothebys 1985]it went into his museum for a few years but than they somehow come to their senses and it was sold at bonhams oct 2012 lot 85,with a loss of over 10k.at least he is trying to keep his collection clean.i have heard rumours that levett might start dealing in antiquities like the guy that owns the new kalos gallery, going from collector to dealer.i hate the fact that its all £$$$£ with these high end collectors,do they really love their collections for what they are or are their collections some kind of long term investment and nothing else.plugging the investment value of antiquities is something i hear from dealers all the time.it reminds me of bruce mcnall who wrote in his book "fun while it lasted"that nearly all the high end collectors of ancient coins he was buying for,were only interested in the investment opportunities and cared nothing at all for the coins themselves which is sad very sad.when trading up or selling on a piece from my collection,which i dont do very often i nearly always lose money.investment opportunities my a***.

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