Thursday 20 February 2014

Hoiked Finds Seen in Greg's Bedroom

The "Sweetman Hoard" (sic) two archaeologist wannabes, one in a hoodie indoors, discuss brooches "wiv emralds or roobiz, look at th' culah" wot Greg dug up ("wot waz the signal like mate?"). Note after he's hefted it and turns the disc brooch over, a bit drops off. At 1:12 you can see what looks like a fresh break, which looks as if it results from being levered out of the ground (by scrabbling about blind at the bottom of a "five inch wide hole" 7:49, "half came out"?). The other one is broken in the self-same way.  The commentary can only be classified as a total display of crass ignorance by the sort of people to whom British law entrusts the  who were responsible for the recovery of associated archaeological items (they don't even know who Coroners are and what they do, clue, it's not "cleyn Treasure finds wiv speshal chemicalz"). Note the bit where the finder indicates with a wave of his hand (5:22) that he got this out of a "mound" and it's "gotta be a burial" (umm, 5:59 "you don't want them to take the..." what? What on earth are these two suggesting? They've hoiked to keep nighthawks from getting them, now they are paranoid about archaeologists taking their stuff?):

Posted on You Tube by Addictedtobleeps 19 lut 2014

On a metal detecting forum near you (Re: Saxon Hoard found Postby Holedigger Pete » Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:10 pm):
I am Pete Chairman of the club and was on site when the hoard was found, we rang our FLO Jennifer Jackson on the day and could not get hold of her. The next day Jennifer rang Greg and said she could not do nothing till Friday or the following week Greg informed about this and i was not happy. I tried to contact Jennifer but her phone was turned off, due to the find being close to a main road i contacted the 3 top people at the BM and sent them pictures these are the people who got things moving. They told me the site could not be left till Friday and they would get a team together for the next day and that the police would be informed about the area to keep an eye on it. Yes i had thought about this happening one day and what to do, on the day i done what i thought was right to take out as much as we could without any damage to the area i could not sleep at night knowing nighthawkers could rob the site. The BM told me i did the right thing and i stand by what i did. The FLO's should have inplace a team to deal with finds like this 7 days a week and we should have phone numbers for this [...]
Should they? And who pays for it does he think? Maybe metal detectorists should not be hoiking Anglo-saxon grave goods blindly out from holes "as deep as me elbow, a good twenty inches" when they've have not in place mechanisms for securing the site beyond "take out as much as we could". Less of the entitlement please. In other countries (like Poland) the legislation obliges a finder to take responsibility (for that's what we are talking about) for securing the find on themselves, while leaving it in situ for archaeologists to deal with (there may be legal sanctions for those who fail to do that when reporting a find).

Later Holedigger Pete reckons:
the whole thing is a farce and needs a good shake up. As far as we know more graves could be there so the FLO should be on it from day one not say you will have to wait till Friday even when the FLO has seen the pictures
Perhaps these people should realise that the purpose of an FLO is not to be there at the exclusive beck and call of artefact hoiking collectors.

UPDATE 19th January 2015
Just to make things clear for people who do not understand why I made one comment here. It may come to news to many, but there are people watching this video who were brought up to believe that when you go into somebody's house, you take your hat off. When they go into somebody's BEDROOM, most people would not be wearing a hat.   Mr 'Addicted to Bleeps' (Kris) apparently was not taught that and is now objecting to me commenting upon me having an opinion on that.


Anonymous said...

All wide-eyed and innocent about having to dig it up in case the bad men got it aren't they? You can hire a security guard for 8 pounds an hour to sit by it all night or hire a generator and light up the area all night or sit in your car with the headlights on etc etc etc. Clowns. And for the BM to say they did the right thing! They deserve each other.

Whatever happened to doing the right thing in this country? And not going the wrong thing and pretending it was the right thing?

They really are pathetic - and then they're going to get oodles of reward, not reduced for bad practice, as PAS says it was Good Practice and the next person will act in exactly the same way.

This is what comes of a quango's funding being dependant on sucking up to detectorists - the public being given a false account of what's right and historical knowledge being needlessly destroyed.

Anonymous said...

It's dependancy culture.

Someone has commented -
"And the response from the "authorities" in these situations is abysmal...Should have had a 24hr Armed Guard if necessary."

So because the authorities weren't there to guard it they couldn't think who else could do it.

PAS should hang it's head for not having hammered home to these unthinking people the correct protocol for such situations long ago (the Heritage Journal did) - and now they've compounded the error by saying digging it out was the right thing to do. They've been paid millions, we've been paid nothing, what can you say?

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