Friday 28 February 2014

One Piece of Good News

There is good news on the pro-detecting publicity front. The "Meridienne Exhibition Team" were going to organise a "Metal Detecting Show 2014", but have announced:
Unfortunately the decision has been taken to cancel the The Metal Detecting Show that was due to take place on the 31st May and 1st June 2014. We’ve had to make this difficult decision as there was insufficient support from the key organisations we needed to make this show happen. As such we cannot go forward with this event any further and it has been cancelled. This is very unfortunate as from the research we did initially we believed that this exhibition would have been welcomed by exhibitors and visitors alike. It has now become clear that the show would not be of sufficient size and scope to achieve our usual level of presentation and therefore would not meet the expectation of our visitors.
Could it be that enthusiasm for propagating artefact hunting is waning among "key organizations" (and what would they be)?  Apparently (according to Tony Hunt, Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:13 pm, who stresses "this will be a first for Metal detecting"), metal detecting clubs were being informed that they could "apply to have free concessionary space [...] to mount a display of their finds and obviously advertise what their club is about":
The larger Detecting shops like Joan Allans and Regtons and manufacturers like First Texas have already take space along with many others such as my own Detectorbits. Hopefully the British Museum will be in attendance along with a number of Finds liason officers. Coin dealers etc are also being invited to attend. There will be lots of activities going on inside and around the outside fields.
Two days later, the event was cancelled.

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Anonymous said...

I hope and trust there has never been a genuine enthusiasm for artefact hunting by key organizations. That would be contrary to the purpose for which PAS was set up and would imply British archaeologists were a genetically distinct species.

Presumably the organisers thought PAS would attend, but fixed smiles and gritted teeth do not an enthusiasm make. It's just a job, innit?

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