Friday 14 February 2014

Germans Charged with Antiquities Theft

'Egypt: archeologists find 3,600-year-old mummy; 3 Germans tried for antiquities smuggling', , Associated Press 13.02.2014.
Egypt's top prosecutor referred three Germans to criminal court on charges of smuggling and damaging antiquities and six Egyptians for acting as their accessories. Hisham Barakat said authorities issued arrest warrants for the alleged German thieves, who fled to their country after the incident. He said authorities would communicate with Germany to restore the pieces they say were taken last April under the pretext of use for research.  The Egyptian defendants are already in detention.  Barakat says the Germans, along with their Egyptian guides, entered the famed pyramids of Giza with permits to visit but not excavate, and left with samples of stone from [...]  two tombs and the burial room of King Khufu.
Chemniz prosecutor Ingrid Burghart said that German students Dominique Goerlitz and Stefan Erdmann are under investigation on suspicion of theft.

Here's the lunatic fringe discussing the case. See also: 'Two German students have vandalised part of the Pyramid of Khufu to help 'prove' their Lost Civilisation theory', November 30, 2013.

Vignette: The two having a cuddle.

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