Wednesday 26 February 2014

Focus on Metal Detecting: Pirate Ray Hits the Nail on the Head

Referring to the controversy over the Medway History Finders' scandalous treatment of an associated group of Anglo-Saxon finds, detectorist (I assume from the screen name) "PirateRay" (22-02-2014 15:28:10) wrote:
Fantastic finds. Just shows how much of our history there is still left to be found and recorded. Marshian's concern over the context may be valid but these days most metal- detectorist clubs are responsible and are aware of the other issues. Its the unregistered and those not in clubs that can be a bigger and damaging problem.
And that is the key, isn't it, proper registration of projects like this. Pirate Ray is just a bit confused, because at the moment this kind of thing goes on in a totally disorganized fashion, unregulated by unregistered individuals digging willy-nilly and creating all these problems when an archaeological response is unexpectedly required.


Anonymous said...

"Its the unregistered and those not in clubs that can be a bigger and damaging problem."

But that implies "club" imparts a degree of respectability. It doesn't. With one (or maybe two?) exceptions clubs don't insist on members adhering to the official code, only to the fake responsibility laid out by NCMD.

The latter serves to fool farmers (and some professionals and statutory landowners) that their behaviour will be acceptable. This chap is simply seeking to reinforce the fiction.

If PAS wanted to make a real difference they'd write to every farmer pointing out the difference between a code and a cynical and dishonest set of misleading words designed to allow members to avoid reporting or behaving.

Paul Barford said...

I should clarify, the focus of my interest on the quote was "unregistered" rather than clubs. There IS of course no registration system in the UK, "Pirate Ray" is trying a bluff, but it is interesting to see the idea appear in tekkie circles.

Anonymous said...

Yes I realised you knew Paul, I just wanted to emphasise to those that might not realise that there's tons of virtuous and vacuous posing by clubs.
I bet this Kent lot told the landowner they worked to the highest ethical standards. It's a scandal.

Paul Barford said...

Meanwhile Mr Baines can't work out why I am not posting those comments. He should try taking them to "Stout Standards", since he's such a fervent supporter. He seems to have no problems discussing "Paul and Nigel" on his own blog anyway.

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