Thursday 13 February 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Check out the Falsehood

Andy Baines, a metal detecting gentleman with a demonstrable and extraordinary capacity for getting everything totally round his neck, is now indignantly informing his readers (13 February 2014 07:24):
Unbelievable , I have been completely wiped of[f] Paul[']s blog as if I never existed.
Pretty unbelievable isn't it? But if you are a metal detectorists there is a chance you'll believe anything, anything at all. If however you want to check if the metal detectorists are telling you fibs, you can search. If you do, you will find that, despite his obvious desire to create trouble going back several months, Mr Baines certainly cannot be said to have been "completely wiped off" this Blog.

What I have removed is a single post where on Friday last week I was promoting his new supposedly ethical detecting detecting blog (because I have decided it is not, and it is my right to decide what I write about here and what I do not). I have also removed a series of Mr Baines' superfluous "point five comments" from one post made today which add nothing to any discussion of anything and where he is merely (falsely) accusing me of trying to start a 'slanging match' with him. This blog is about portable antiquities collecting issues, not about what one angry metal detectorist thinks about its author. 

Update 14th February 2014:
Mr Baines really is working overtime to "change views of this hobby". We now see his response to this post is:
So now he is accusing me of being false ? Does anybody recall me being false ?
I think the problem here may be that, for certain people in the metal detecting 'Brotherhood', words are just abstract concepts with no real meaning. Thus it is when one of them writes "I have been completely wiped off Paul's blog as if I never existed" what he really meant to say was "buurumpum-pum, folldey diddly-doe, rhubarb-goo-goo". These words are not meant to be interpreted as being an actual assertion that he expected people to believe, that mentions of him had actually been "completely wiped off Paul's blog" as if he had "never existed". Because if that is what he meant, the statement is false. Thus it is when he writes something like that, and somebody else demonstrates that the statement is false, he can argue that it is not false because "I have been completely wiped off Paul's blog as if I never existed" is not actually supposed to be taken literally, it is just so many empty words strung together in a line. Like much, one suspects, that artefact hunters and collectors say. Meaningless words with nothing behind them.


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