Thursday 20 February 2014

Not Guilty Plea in Coin Case

Roy Wood from Grays in Essex charged with stealing gold Roman coin almost five years ago using a metal detector enters not guilty plea and will stand trial at Basildon Crown Court in Essex.
Police say that one of the counts relates to a gold Roman coin, believed to date from the period of the Emperor Valentinian in the fourth century AD, which police say was uncovered during an alleged nighthawking operation in Castle Acre in August 2009. The coin is said to be worth around £200. [...]  The second charge relates to a similar incident involving a coin estimated to be worth around £15,000, which is said to have happened in Cambridgeshire in October 2009. [...]  the case had emerged following a tip-off from the British Museum that items which had been found through metal detecting may not have been reported as they are required to be under the Treasure Act. 
There is a Facebook page for a Roy Wood with lots of metal detected finds on it. There is also a You Tube channel.

UPDATE 1st October 2014
He later pleaded guilty to the Norfolk offence and another case was not tried. Wood was fined £400 and ordered to pay £250 costs.

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