Sunday 16 February 2014

At Yesterday's Bridgnorth Rally

Ticket sales for the Silas Brown metal Detecting Rally for History held on Saturday 15th February ('Metal Detecting Rally at Bridgnorth' Sunday, 9 February 2014 ) can hardly be said to have been brisk. The previously undetected land in the vicinity of no archaeological sites at all on Grunters Hollow Farm (Bridgnorth, Salop) was made available to responsible metal detectorists during a rally organized on the lines of those initiated by Surrey Council, whose metal detecting policy
“is based on the premise that an applicant will be considered to be part of an ongoing archaeological survey of SCC properties. Applicants will in particular be expected to have a proven track record in reporting and recording. Finds would normally remain the property of Surrey County Council.”
All proceeds were to go to support grass-roots conservation organization Heritage Action. Finders were required to show insurance and sign a Treasure awards waiver form. Nobody came.

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