Friday 28 February 2014

Focus on Metal Detecting: A20 grave trashers unrepentant?

Ambassador for the hobby, "Holedigger pete" expresses his hobby's feeling of entitlement (26-02-2014 16:50:45):
Christina, because of people like you [who express concern when they see careless and wanton destruction of archaeological evidence,] people who detect and arch's [heritage professionals] will never get on[.] i find you a bore, go and find someone else to pick on as i don't care what you or people like you say this problem has been going on years learn to live with it.
That assumes that the repetition of the sort of thing we saw by the A20 does not lead to an outcry and pressure to deal with the problem this erosive minority create by other means. Note the feeling of entitlement and playing the victim that we see among rhino hunters too ("find somebody else to pick on").

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