Thursday 13 February 2014

Detectorists Working for History?

Metal detectorist Andy Baines in his recent taunting blog post claims that:
the sole (sic) aim of H[eritage] A[ction] and PACHI is to disrupt the work we are doing for history and the work we are doing trying to take a more ethical approach 
What nonsense. Do the PAS tell them these things? Metal detectorists are artefact collectors, when those artefacts are gained by the trashing of archaeological sites and assemblages, there is no way that anyone can believe that this is "work we are doing for history". It is artefact collecting for personal entertainment and profit, and despite what these people claim, there is a good deal of evidence that shows unequivocally that for the majority of them it is nothing else. That probably explains why they are so defensive about their myth-making. 

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