Thursday 13 February 2014

Jordan: Suspect arrested while trying to sell Roman and Byzantine artefacts

Rana Husseini, 'Suspect arrested while trying to sell artefacts', Jordan Times, Feb 07, 2014.
Police and Department of Antiquities (DoA) officials on Thursday announced the arrest of a man in Amman who reportedly attempted to sell a statue and other ancient artefacts believed to belong to the Roman and Byzantine periods. The suspect was allegedly in possession of an ancient statue and other ancient relics that he planned to sell to others, according to a statement issued by the Public Security Department (PSD). “The police received a tip that the suspect was looking for a buyer and arrested him while he was in his car where they found the statue,” the statement said. Upon searching his house, they found more ancient artefacts, the PSD said, adding that they are investigating the source of the artefacts.

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