Thursday 13 February 2014

The UK Press Review "The Monuments Men"

Even the Daily Mail seems not to have been very impressed by "The Monuments men" film, delivering the verdict that it's "a wartime misfire":
The Monuments Men is mostly a mess. [...] stuffed with World War II clichés [...] It is a great shame, because The Monuments Men combines a stellar cast with a marvellous true story — a motley crew of seven art experts, dispatched towards the end of the war to recover masterpieces looted by the Nazis. [...] The Monuments Men is itself a long way short of being a masterpiece. It is as if Clooney, despite artistic talent and a palette of wonderful colours, has entirely mucked up his perspective. There are some clunky attempts at comedy and even clunkier moralising, with Stokes making a series of solemn speeches about the value of art in a civilised world, while piano music plinks meaningfully in the background.
Brian Viner. 'Even a stellar A-list cast can't save The Monuments Men', Daily Mail, 14 February 2014

There is a rather iffy review in the Independent, too (Geoffray Macnab, 'The Monuments Men, film review: 'Profoundly frustrating and unsatisfying', Thursday 13 February 2014). 
Clooney simply can’t settle on a tone for the story he is trying to tell. As a result, he ends up stranded in some no man's land between joshing Robert Aldrich-style action movie, rousing Second World War epic and essay in sappy art-history nostalgia.
Meanwhile the Telegraph is even less kind (Tim Robey, 'Berlin Film Festival 2014: The Monuments Men, review', Telegraph 08 Feb 2014):
George Clooney's latest directorial outing, a historical caper about the recovery of stolen artwork from the Nazis, is self-congratulatory piffle

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