Wednesday, 5 November 2014

ISIL and its Antiquities Money

Mea culpa, eager to get another part of the message across, I omitted discussion of one piece of a recent article by Rajendra Abhyankar as it was patently ridiculous. Dr Sam Hardy tackles it face on and I see I should have mentioned it. But now Sam has and you can read it here: Thirty to fifty percent of Islamic State’s assets come from antiquities trafficking? Six hundred million to one billion dollars? WTF?. The lunatics are taking over the asylum. As he says "such numbers undermine credibility of real issue":
I am really sorry to be so blunt but, WTF? I rather suspect unknowable information is being planted. Who needs to make the Islamic State look worse than it is and does!?
Vignette: rhetorical question, we know

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