Friday 21 August 2015

Captain America to the Rescue of Heritage

Ronald Lee Fleming and Anthony Flint, 'To save world heritage sites from destruction, the US should bring back Monuments Men
[...] the history of civilization is being dismantled in the destruction of cultural heritage sites. These acts have a meaning all their own. The United States could take the lead in containing the damage and putting the pieces back together. [....] Already in place is the International Council on Monuments and Sites (US/ICOMOS), a UNESCO-mandated organization that could help our armed forces recruit teams that would include experts in archaeology and art as well as authorities on the broader man-made environment. These new teams, nimble and opportunistic, could be authorized to take covert actions designed to halt destruction and, where possible, bring in the expertise to rebuild. [...] Send the Monuments Men into the field, perhaps protected by Seal Team Six or the Delta Force, where they can secure key sites or to bring relief to shattered towns.
So, the US is now paying its UNESCO subs again? When did that happen?So these "nimble and opportunistic teams" what mandate would they have to act and what would their relationship be with native  heritage professionals on the ground?
The destruction of Palmyra has already begun with the demolition of two shrines just outside these irreplaceable ruins. We cannot wait until the Islamic State blows up the Lion God in its craven jihad against idolatry.
Ummm, on the ball there, guys.... 

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