Saturday 29 August 2015

German Collector with a Conscience

 A bull figure from the Bronze Age, which was purchased half a century ago, has been sent to the Antalya Museum from Vienna
Culture and Tourism Minister Ömer Çelik said a person named Manfred Weinwurm, who purchased the figure from Antalya, sent the historic artefact by cargo. He said the artefact came with a note in German written to the Antalya Museum Directorate, adding, “He says in the note that he came to Antalya in 1963 for one week and purchased the artefact from a small store. He wanted to return it to its homeland. The terra-cotta artefact is from the Bronze Age [3,000-1.200 B.C.] and is now in the place where it belongs, the Antalya Museum.”
'Bull figure returns to Turkey' Hurriyet Daily News August 28th 2015

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