Tuesday 25 August 2015

"Detectorists" goes to America

The British TV sitcom "Detectorists"  has crossed the Atlantic by way of the streaming subscription service Acorn TV (Robert Lloyd, ' British 'Detectorists' on Acorn TV uncovers a comedy treasure' Los Angles Times 25th August 2015) I liked this quote from the series' writer:
"It just struck me that they were an odd bunch of obsessive characters, with this really interesting, sort of lonely, melancholy pastime. And so I started to look into it and discovered this subculture of mainly blokes, who go out and stare at the ground for hours on end, hoping to find gold but usually finding absolutely nothing. And I just thought that was quite a rich vein of comedy."
That obsessiveness is one reason why none of them can ever face any frank discussion of the issues which surround artefact hunting and collecting, it prevents them from seeing their activity in a wider context.

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