Friday 28 August 2015

Progress of the German Petition

Here's a map showing where the currently 15.712 German signatories of the "Für den Erhalt des privaten Sammelns" petition live:

It is perhaps clearer on this version that the opponents of a closer due diligence in the market come mainly from the towns and cities. The dot distribution corresponds to the population density to some extent, but note the lighter scatter relative to population figures in former DDR. Is this due to different attitudes, or simply purchasing power across the 'united Germany'? Berlin and Munich are noticeable black spots, as are Tubingen, Heidelberg, Frankfurt and the Rhine valley, Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Hamburg. The situation of Dresden and Passau down near the border is interesting.

Here is how the petition is growing at the moment, 54 days before the end:

It looks at the moment as if the final result will be somewhere around 35000 "against". Though what actually they all think they are against is debatable.

Most interesting is the the information "where they come here from":
Numismatic:,,,,, [Paris],, [Münzhandelsgesellschaft Deutsche Münze, Braunschweig], [Spain], [A. H. Baldwin and Sons Ltd, London], [Fritz Rudolf Künker, Osnabruck],, and [Bocholt].

Collectables retailers and auctioneers [Internationales Auktionshaus fuer Antiken, Alte Waffen, Orden und Ehrenzeichen, Historische Sammlungsstücke Munich]   , and for some reason two stamp sales sites:   [Note: flagged as untrustworthy link:,- Suchmaschine für Briefmarkenangebote], [Briefmarken, Braunschweig], there are also two Metal detectorists and miltaria collectors:,, and one Other site for investors:,

Here we can see that the initiators of this action are dealers, and over three quarters of the agitators noted are coin dealers.  The repetition of this pattern (see the opposition to the measures of the CCPIA in the USA) makes it clear that it is coin dealers in particular who are a stumbling block to efforts and any measures adopted to clean up the antiquities market in general. In order to get co-operation from the collecting world, first of all those dealers who at every step want to frustrate  such efforts need to be dealt with.

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