Saturday 29 August 2015

UK "Detectorists not in it for the Money"

Missed it, a reader kindly sent me this letter from an auctioneer (Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd, Etwall, Derbyshire), to the Solent Metal Detecting Club back in the middle of February:
Dear All I am writing further to our inaugural metal detector find auction – the auction, entitled ‘What Lies Beneath, A Treasure Hunting Sale’, to be held at our Auction Centre in front of an audience, will also be open to live bidding via our internet host, We are currently looking for entries, and would like to offer you and your fellow detecting enthusiasts the opportunity to be involved by consigning finds.  [....]  I have been fortunate to be involved with several BBC television programmes, Bargain Hunt, Flog It and Antiques Roadtrip, enabling my company to reach a wide audience, which in turn means we can educate the public on such an intriguing and fruitful subject. [flogging off artefacts presumably - PMB] With such public interest in the recently discovered hauls, I feel now is the time, across the rich fertile soils of Britain, to hold a sale specialising in such items, and I hope such an opportunity of sale may be of interest to you and your fellow members and subscribers. Do please get in touch...
readers can find the man's contact details in the original letter. Why not give him a ring?

Following the link he gave we find it leads to an auction aggregator, where we spot a lot of detecting finds a "box [sic - looks like a bucket to me. PMB] of metal detecting finds" est 5-10 quid. No doubt the documentation assigning ownership from each farmer and detailing the findspots and PAS record numbers - if any - is included, just he forgot to say. Or there's "Lot 1821 - Shillings to cut Halfpennies detector finds (36) Edward I to Charles I, includes some holed, damaged". Then maybe somebody would like "Lot 1716: Detector Finds a collection in a small album (60) English hammered (56) Edward I to Charles I and World (4) in mixed grades to NVF some clipped   but there's no pictures (!) est: 500 - 1,000 GBP. More coins here: Lot 71: Medieval – mixed lots of hammered coins: John, Edward 1, Edward 111, etc. [7 coins in the lot] [some holed, chipped or broken] detector finds, unresearched. Or Lot 70 - Medieval - Henry 111, etc. 16 x cut halfpennies, 2 x cut farthings and one full halfpenny.

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