Saturday 22 August 2015

Lenborough Anglo Saxon coin hoard to go on show

BBC Lenborough Anglo Saxon coin hoard to go on show
What the new display could look
like (reconstruction)
Part of a hoard of Anglo Saxon coins [hoiked from a Medieval earthwork site] in a Buckinghamshire village is to go on display at the county's museum before its inquest is heard. More than 5,000 coins were found buried in Lenborough, near Padbury last year. The find is still being catalogued by the British Museum but the coroner has given permission for "about 20 coins" to be displayed at Bucks County Museum. A spokesman said: "It's another milestone on the path to getting them into the museum." It is the largest Anglo Saxon coin hoard discovered since the Treasure Act was introduced in 1996 and is thought to be worth up to £1.3m. Brett Thorn, from the museum, said because there were so many coins, the cataloguing process was taking a long time and it wanted to "keep the public interested".
Yep, because they are going to have to fork up the money to buy back their heritage. No doubt the Museum will be displaying alongside the artefacts some of the excavation documentation to show the public what high class modern archaeology of the second decade of the 21st century and run by the British Museum looks like... oh, no, wait a minute.... Will the original carrier bag and paint scraper be on display too?

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