Saturday 22 August 2015

Metal Detecting Myth Making in Bonkers Britian

Heritage Action once again tell their readers a few simple truths about artefact hunting in the UK that are kept quiet by the 'establishment'. Despite the existence of a number of organizations and bodies that should be informing the public what is happening to Britain's portable antiquities heritage:
Dear Reader, you have to come here to hear about the reality behind all the myths because in Bonkers Britain neither detectorists nor PAS nor the police nor the CBA nor EH nor Glasgow's Trafficking Culture project nor the Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage say a single word about them to farmers or the taxpaying, stakeholding public. Incidentally, every word of this article is true and you won't hear any of them say otherwise. Thus are myths maintained. 
Have a look at the four points they make and decide for yourselves why it is that so few people are discussing them honestly and openly.  Certainly, there are those who consider it 'incroyable', 'unglaublich' and 'nie do wiary' - but what makes them so different is they live outside the sphere of influence of  PAS (reportedly focussed on 'learning... and audiences') in 'partnership' with the artefact hunters misdirecting their thinking. 

'Myth-peddlers: two archaeos and two detectorists', HJ 22/08/2015

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