Sunday 30 August 2015

Human Trafficking and its Context

Griff Witte and Anthony Faiola, 'Smugglers who drove migrants to their deaths were part of a vast web', Washington Post August 29 2015
The smugglers responsible for driving 71 migrants to their deaths in the back of a cramped, unventilated truck in Austria were part of a vast international syndicate that has been a subject of multiple criminal investigations, a leading European law enforcement official said Saturday.[...] Rob Wainwright, director of Europol, said in an interview that [...] greater coordination is needed to confront smuggler networks that are themselves more internationally integrated than ever before. “What I’m seeing is the emergence of a new, more enterprising community of criminals,” he said. [...] Wainwright estimated that about a third of the migrant-smuggler cases his agency has helped investigate also involved another area of criminality, including drug smuggling, money laundering and sexual exploitation.
and it's only a matter of time, I suspect, before we see antiquities join that list, then things are going to get difficult for no-questions-asking dealers and collectors.

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