Friday 21 August 2015

Warlords Of Ivory

Dismembered elephant remains,
each one slaughtered just for two teeth
(National Geographic)
Warlords Of Ivory
Next month, National Geographic Fellow Bryan Christy takes an in-depth look at the global illegal ivory trade using a smuggled tusk with GPS tracker to follow a bloody trail leading to the doorsteps of Africa’s most dangerous terrorists. Warlords of Ivory Premieres Tuesday 1st September 9.30pm AEST/NZST National Geographic Channel
Source: National Geographic Channel Facebook page  12 August 2015

There is an article in the September issue of the National Geographic Magazine; 'A smuggled tusk. A hidden GPS chip. A crime story'  (see interview with the writer here too).
 It strikes me that this would be a great thing to do with antiquities, put a tracking chip into several genuine artefacts and put them on the Turkish black market right on the Syrian border and then track its movement. The ivory tusk has stopped moving, and is presumably stashed somewhere - like Middle Eastern antiquities are presumed to be, get some chips in artefacts and maybe we'll locate some of those stashes.

[the same NatGeoMag also contains an article on Mes Aynak]

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