Friday 28 August 2015

UNESCO Director General Address at Culture Under Threat Conference in Cairo

Dismissed by one sector of the antiquities collecting milieu as "that woman Bokova", the UNESCO Director General has a message for the participants of the Cairo conference. Note that nowhere does she say she thinks the antiquities traders will be part of the solution to this problem.  Good, these insulting denial monkeys obviously will not.

"The looting of archaeological sites and museums has reached unprecedented scale, the destruction of cultural heritage, cultural cleansing is being used  as a tactic of war, to terrify populations, to finance criminal activities, to spread hatred. We must consider it for what it is, a war crime [...] the protection of heritage is far more than a cultural issue, in this war on minds, it has become a security imperative. [...] To respond we need a co-ordinated action by all states".

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