Wednesday 26 August 2015

Market for Civil War collectibles and Grave-Robbing in the US

The market for Civil War collectibles has led to another Confederate grave looted in Georgia ( Lee Shearer, ' Reward offered in looting of Confederate grave' Athens Online Saturday, January 17, 2015). In Georgia’s Crawford County a grave robber targeted the grave of a Confederate Civil War soldier in a little-visited cemetery in the rural county:
Whoever dug up the grave of Lt. James Nichols in the Old Bethel Church Cemetery [was] probably [...] looking for Confederate artifacts to sell [...] It was the second time in two years someone has dug up Confederate soldiers’ graves in Georgia looking for artifacts [...]  in a robbery similar to the Crawford County looting, someone dug up five graves in a Burke County graveyard in April 2013 leaving uniforms behind at four soldiers’ burial sites, along with the iron casket of an infant that had been extracted from its shallow grave. Metal objects such as buttons were missing. In that case, Burke County sheriff’s deputies arrested two men shortly after that desecration. Both were sentenced to serve five-year prison sentences.
Maybe one of the dealers and collectors who claim that the antiquities collectables market is "not responsible for looting of sites" might like to argue the case here? I thought not. 

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